Rooff have prioritised matters of social and environmental responsibility at a strategic level, and implemented best working practice to achieve established core objectives through management policies.


Health and Safety

  • Rooff understand the importance of maintaining safety for staff and the public. No risk of harm to others should come from the firm’s activities.
  • Rooff identifies that industry activities can cause health issues to site staff and the end user.
  • To achieve zero accidents or injuries to all staff and public affected by the firm’s activities.
  • To construct with the focus of buildability to reduce health risk operations and to monitor employee health though a health surveillance programme.
  • Rooff provide staff appropriate training, guidance and advice in health and safety.
  • Rooff ensure the supply chain operates appropriate training and management systems, and is appropriately applied to carry out the task.

We aim for people that go home from work, the same way they came in to work.

Click here to download our Health and Safety StatementCHAS, and Constructionline certificate.


  • Rooff understand it is not the just the surface appearance that counts, but it is the level of service and the quality of workmanship behind it all that really matters.
  • Rooff realise it is the quality in their staff that makes the project successful.
  • Rooff identify the importance to collaborate with the client and project team in an open and honest manner, to achieve an effective working environment.
  • For a competent person to physically inspect quality of work at all stages of the project.
  • To encourage staff to develop their career and profession through CPD.
  • To continuously improve levels of client satisfaction on projects, and monitor this through post contract review systems.
  • To achieve zero defects at completion.
  • Rooff to continuously offer opportunities for staff to develop, whether through higher education or professional status.
  • To continually monitor and improve quality management system through audit by BSI.

Click here to download our Quality Policy Statement and BSI ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation.


  • Rooff understand their corporate responsibilities to monitor and reduce carbon footprint and waste.
  • Rooff identify the importance to incorporate environmental strategy at the early stages of projects and ensure legal compliances are met.
  • To ascertain our actual carbon footprint.
  • To produce a site waste management plan on all sites, regardless of size. This will incorporate the waste hierarchy philosophy to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover. Only dispose to landfill when all other options have been exhausted.
  • Ensuring the design process takes adequate consideration of the environmental impacts.
  • Rooff staff to be aware of the impact both the business has, and, they have as an individual on the environment.
  • Reduce our carbon impact for construction activities on site and identify areas for improvement.
  • Continue to reduce site and office waste being sent to landfills.
  • Improve staff environmental awareness through inductions and workshops. Rooff will be employing local person from Kotoku ‘Café Van’.
  • To maintain our BSI ISO 14001:2004 accreditation.

Click here to download our Environmental Policy Statement and BSI ISO 14001:2004 Accreditation.

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