Social Value

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Social value is a way of thinking about how scarce resources are allocated and used. It involves looking beyond the price of each individual contract and looking at what the collective benefit to a community is when a public body or indeed any commissioning client chooses to award a contract.

Social value asks the question: “If £1 is spent on the delivery of services, can that same £1 be used, to also produce a wider benefit to the community?”

Our social value is heavily orientated towards sector development linked to local economy where we are working and this involves helping local people and businesses work locally but not exclusively because the development of the long term sustainable workforce and supply chain for the industry needs to be able to operate flexible across a regional area.

The other main aspect of our social value activity incorporates engaging with the communities within which we work this area of activity includes local residents, resident groups, local schools and active charities and or social enterprises who are working to improve the livelihoods of those local communities.

Therefore we are trying to deliver a greater longer term impact from our work in a location which expands further than just the project itself. If we are able to deliver any longer term lasting impact to the benefit of the community or the sector then we feel it has been a job well done.