BOSS Day’s and Building Competitions

Rooff took part in two school engagement events hosted by 15billionebp on Friday; a virtual BOSS day for year 11 students at Plashet School and a Building Futures Workshop for year 5 students at Curwen Primary School.

The Plashet School BOSS day involved employers, including Rooff’s Social Value Coordinator, Lucy Dunne explaining their role and the industry they are in. This provided a great opportunity to encourage the Year 11 students, who are thinking about their next pathway after they have completed their GCSE’s, to encourage them to consider a career in the built environment.

Later that day Lucy participated in the Year 5 Building Futures Workshop at Curwen Primary School, where the class presented building models they had created. The students had spent the week learning about Construction and Architecture and were tasked with constructing a building from what they had learnt. There were some great creations, including an Aquarium, a YouTube Hotel and a Hand Sanitiser Factory. This activity allowed these young students to get excited about the construction industry and inspire them to be part of it in the future!

Building CompetitionBuilding Competition

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