Avantgarde Estate

Shoreditch, E1

Avantgarde EstateAvantgarde Estate


Located in Shoreditch this project is currently on site, and we are carrying out the remediation of the building’s cladding and cavity fire barriers. This project is one of the first schemes to be awarded funding under the Governments Building Safety Fund, which is being overseen by the GLA. Additionally, the project has been identified as an exemplar scheme in terms of delivery and execution.

The works involve the erection of scaffolding to the building elevations, removal of the existing cavity insulation and cavity fire barriers and full replacement with new, non-combustible insulation and cavity fire barriers. Work is progressing in phases around the fully occupied estate which involves extensive consultation with residents and commercial occupiers alike. Careful investigative work was required to establish the extent of the refurbishment work needed in order to agree the remedial work specification with the Fire Engineer. We are utilising Field View digital software for real-time onsite quality control and compliance monitoring, ensuring that we have a full digital record of all fire and life safety installations, for future facilities management operations.

The above photos show the extent of works and in particular the high level of quality achieved in connection with the installation of the correct fire barriers and cladding reinstatement.


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