Churchill War Rooms

London, SW1



The Churchill War Rooms project featured construction of a new main entrance to a nationally significant Grade 1 Listed building. The scheme was particularly sensitive owing to its status as a major visitor attraction in the capital. This small but complex project involved demolition and installing a new main entrance comprising a bronze covered canopy and entrance screen to the grade I listed adjacent building.

The work involved removal of the existing entrance and canopy structure within a very restricted security access area. The constrained nature of the site was challenging throughout the works but working methods were developed to accommodate the constraints. The off-site fabrication of the new bronze entrance roof canopy and structure was devised this way to suit the artisans approach. The new structure was installed out of normal working hours, when better access was available to facilitate a delicate cranage manoeuvre. A high level of cleaning and repair work was also carried out to the existing Ashlar – Portland Stone and tracery.

The specification required high quality materials and finishes such as bronze, york stone and stainless steel. Particular features included folding bronze security doors and a new audio visual stainless steel wall.

Throughout the entire project, close collaboration with English Heritage and Imperial War Rooms was essential as the delivery of the project required working under a strict permit to work system. This included restricting delivery periods, obtaining licences from The Royal Parks and co-ordinating with the Common-wealth office and H.M Treasury department.

The project was also carried out whilst the museum remained open as a visitor attraction with close co-ordination around museum events.


The Trustee of The Imperial War Museum


Clash Architects


JCT 2005, Intermediate with Contractors Design ICD Rev 2