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Today our 3 teams will be taking part in the Inaugural Rowathon in the Boathouse Studios to raise money for the mental health charity, MIND.



The largely new business and tender based team will be accompanied by wild cards from Plant Yard and Property.

Inspirational quote from the skipper, Claire Bullen – ‘In life and in sport, we paddle hard – young or old, rain or shine, in the heat or the cold – to the finish line, because we are all, all of us, in the same boat’.

Team: Claire Bullen, Lucy Dunne, Jamie Hepper, Ben Tarrant, Chris Mayes, Steve Drury, Darren Fenwick and Danny Watson.


Strictly surveying and buyers on this team, led by Chief Fish himself, here is what he has to say ahead of the event – ‘Don’t COUNT the reps, make the reps COUNT’.

Team: Paul Fisher, James Menzo, Thomas Kyprianou, Matt Wallace, Sean Butler, Steven Campbell, James Gregory and Greg Scott.


An exemplary showcase of the diversity here at Rooff, this team has come together from all departments and with our MD, Mark Horn leading the way, he is confident ahead of the big day – ‘With skills and expertise from all around the company, I am looking forward to seeing our most diverse team power their way over the finish line on this six hour marathon’.

Team: Mark Horn, Lauren Coles, Katie Elias, Jo Claisse, Cheryl Pennington, Alison Evers, Mike Moxon and Carl Whelan.

There’s still time to make a donation¬†

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