Introducing The Boathouse

With the much welcome completion of the Creative Square parking area, we will now be able to offer better access to the Malthouse and river terrace café area. We are renaming the café area “The Boathouse”, to reflect its unique identity and historic links back to boat building activity on the Ice House Quarter site. A Mr Joseph Honey (boat builder 1908) operated from a building formerly located on the site of the current Granary extension building and utilised a slipway into Barking Creek (The River Roding), at what became known as Honey`s Wharf.

Recent archaeological survey work has revealed that the original ice houses, established by the Hewitt family linked to the fishing history of Town Quay, were located in the area of the building identified as “timber store” on this plan and also just to the south of this building. The ice houses were above ground brick built structures and were used by the Hewitt`s sailing and later steam powered fleet.

The Boathouse space will initially be offered as a venue for creative hires alongside the studios inside the Malthouse and is already being used as a training space. We are also in the process of working with a local food nutritionist to establish an initial “pop-up” café inside The Boathouse, which will no doubt grow as demand increases. Watch out for future news and menus! Please see The Boathouse for more information.

(Image site plan circa 1908)

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