Oaks Park High School Site Visit

We recently organised a safe site visit to our Lord Napier site in Ilford for local Year 12 and Year 10 students at Oaks Park High School. Our Site Manager Jon Taylor and our Site Engineer Selva gave a talk on the substructure and superstructure of the building, giving detail on the materials and processes that we adopted with regards to time frames and logistics in order. These points were then illustrated whilst touring the site with the pupils. The visit proved so successful that the students requested another visit back to the site once it has developed even further in its building stage.

School Site VisitSchool Site Visit







Mr Oliver, Subject Leader for Construction at Oaks Park High School who attended the site visit alongside the students gave excellent feedback, applauding all Rooff staff involved.

The site visit was invaluable in teaching the students about the substructures and superstructures. The work completed by the students so far for Units 2 and 4 has been completed very well and the experience and expertise from Jon and his team was fantastic. The delivery of the knowledge was delivered with enthusiasm by the site staff we met and I was delighted that the knowledge imparted was very well received by the students and they saw the theory work from their studies in a real life scenario. My huge thanks go to Jon Taylor and his team for this amazing experience for the students. The insight into this project can be taken as examples for the remainder of the Construction course and for the interviews and site experiences that lie ahead for them. I thoroughly enjoyed the site visit and I know that the students echo my comments and appreciation for the ROOFF site team for giving their time, energy and enthusiasm in educating others with their expertise.







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